Advocacia Waltenberg started its activities in 1998, focusing on legal and regulatory matters related to electrical energy-based services and activities, grounded on the previous experience of its founder David A. M. Waltenberg, who has been practicing in this industry since 1974 and is recognized as specialist in the matter.
In time, and with a view at meeting its clients’ needs, Advocacia Waltenberg started to provide services also in the main areas of Business Law involved in electrical energy and natural gas projects. That was possible thanks to the steady development of a team that combines seasoned professionals and talented young attorneys, in a synergic process that has enabled continued and mutual development.
At present, experience and skills of Advocacia Waltenberg’s professionals allow them to assist their clients in matters pertaining to Constitutional, Regulatory, Tax, Administrative, Contracts, Corporate and Commercial Law, involved in electrical energy, natural gas and other sectors of infrastructure.
Due to its high level of specialization in the energy-law industry, Advocacia Waltenberg’s team has a unique ability to match an in-depth understanding of the technical, economical, financial and accounting issues related to the power industry to their appropriate legal treatment.
That allows for high quality tailor-made services to Advocacia Waltenberg’s clients.
Furthermore, in order to best service its clients, Advocacia Waltenberg engages, whenever suitable, in partnerships with consultants specialized in technical, economic, financial and/or accounting matters, or other law firms with supplementary expertise.